Principal message



The meaning of education has transformed greatly in today’s technology driven and digitally connected world that we live in. An educator in the present times has to adopt a multi-dimensional approach having knowledge creation, confidence building and honing leadership skills at its core. While many of our students have greatly contributing to various renowned and reputed organizations as exemplar leaders, the institution also focus on developing entrepreneurship skills among students so that they would have the courage conviction to establish an enterprise and create a legacy. In the sphere of research, understanding the complicity of various issues, exploring new avenues and contributing to develop of knowledge has our priority. Having carved a niche for itself over the year, through its myriad achievements, this institution stands as a today symbol of immense responsibilities and innumerable opportunities. The task ahead is clearly defined-educate, enlighten and empower. As Benjamin Franklin said, ”An investment is knowledge pays the best interest”.

Dr. S. Santhosh Baboo , Ph.D., Principal