PEO 1: Successful Professionals in Leading National and International Business Enterprise or Research/ Academic or Entrepreneurs.

PEO 2: Attitudes and abilities of Leader to adapt the Changing Global Business Scenario.

PEO 3: Good Professional Personality and Ethical Values to lead as responsible citizens and competent professionals.


PO 1: Domain Knowledge - Apply Knowledge of Management Theories & Practices to solve Business Problems.

PO 2: Critical Thinking & Decision Making / Problem Solving - Foster Analytical & Critical Thinking abilities for Data – Based Decision Making.

PO 3: Leadership - Ability to develop value based Leadership Ability

PO 4: Environment & Sustainability - Ability to understand, Analyze & communicate Global, Economic, Legal & Ethical aspects of Business.

PO 5: Team Work - Ability to lead themselves & others in the achievement of Organizational Goals, Contributing effectively to a team environment.

PO 6: Entrepreneurship - Ability to identify Entrepreneurial opportunities & leverage, Managerial & Leadership Skills for funding leading start – ups as well as growing family Business

PO 7: Social Responsiveness & Ethical - Apply ethical principles & commit to Professional Ethics & Responsibility and norms of Management Practices.

PO 6: Continuous Learning - Recognize the need and prepare to engage in lifelong learning in the broad context of technology changes leading sustainability.


PSO 1: Graduates will have ability to Identify, Formulate and analyze the problems relating to Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Supply Chain Management.

PSO 2: Graduates will have an ability to implement / Use appropriate Techniques, Management Skills, and Analytical Techniques and to solve Management Problems.