Symphony Management club


1) Kotlers club (Marketing)
  • President- Madhavi.P
  • Vice president- Saravana.S
2) Dalal Street club (Finance)
  • President- Manivel.V
  • Vice president- Vandhana.S
3) 360 degree club (HR)
  • President- Collin Bruno
  • Vice president- Tamilarasi.C
4) Voyagers Club (SCM)
  • President- Nanisha.S
  • Vice president- Achaya Sankar.M.V
5) Editorial club
  • President- Keerthika.K
  • Vice president- Supriya.D
6) "I" club
  • President- Sukhil.T
  • Vice president- Sandhiya Y.B
7) Studopreneur
  • President- Ashwin Kumar S.V
  • Vice president- Puneet.S


The students are split into different clubs with respect to their specialization and conduct various activates accordingly. The clubs are as follows.


Finance Club of SoM, popularly known asDalal Street, is a student driven initiative that provides a perfect platform for students to hone the skills required to make their mark in the Financial Sector. The mission of the club is to provide value addition to each and every member of the club by continuously providing an environment where learning and its practical application flourishes.The activities of club are molded in such a way that participants gets updated with current happenings of financial word, nuances of investment and financial markets and can evaluate or identify current career opportunities in this sector.


Kotler’s, the marketing club of SoM, endeavors to provide an opportunity to strengthen the marketing concept as well as promote innovative marketing thoughts and ideas through discussions of concepts and cases, quizzes, etc. Through a variety of events such as case discussions, role-play, ad contests, brand equity quizzes, brand crosswords and talks by marketing gurus, it promotes student’s interest in the field of marketing.The idea of Kotler’s Club is to look beyond the books and to extend this by organizing field trips and workshops on untouched areas by top industry professionals to get insights into the exciting and dynamic world of marketing.


The VoyagersClub in the SoMis a student initiative to promote Operations, Supply Chain, Operations Research and Manufacturing Studies and activities allied to these areas.The club was formed with intent to promote operational studies and cherish its applications of the various theoretical aspects that are taught in classroom lectures.


The 360 Degree Club intriguing aspect is the interaction it provides between the students, Faculty and the research members of the department. The Club aspires to provide avenues of interaction for students, faculty, alumni and professionals through activities designed to increase and develop the understanding of the profession of Information technology and Management Consulting. A student-led initiative with a mission to provide exposure to emerging trends of technology, gain acquaintance with contemporary issues in strategic management and fostering discussions on the same and update students with the latest thoughts and ideas in the industry.